Friday, September 10, 2010

Papier-mâché : Animal (Day 1)

I want to try a 3D project with the kids. Today, we started from looking at animals (I have some animal toy sets). Melody picked a horse, so we touched and talked about how we felt when we touch different body parts. Then we drew it together using shapes. We then crumbled advertisement papers that sometimes come in the mail. I used the masking tape to help them to build the body parts. Camille was too little to really make any form, but it was a good experience for her to see how we build a horse. Melody was able to create some forms. In the middle of the lesson, somehow, both kids lost interests and started to play animals. I tried to get their attention back by asking questions or assigning jobs for them to do.

Finally we started to use art paste to smooth appearance of the horse. First they both were not sure about the sticky feeling about the paste. I redirected them to use more positive expression when we created art even it seemed to be messy sometime. Melody was really into it and gave me very positive feedback, like, "wow, it is so much fun."

We eventually finished our horses and have them dry outside.

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