Friday, October 15, 2010

House at Night

By a 5 year-old
                    By a 3 year old

This week, we are drawing a house and painting it with a night scene.
This is how we do it:
1) We look at pictures and talk about shapes we can find in the buildings/houses.
2) We then use pencil/marker to draw the house.
(I want the finished pictures with black outlines. We switch from pencil to black marker very quickly. They prove to me that they can use marker just fine. It is always hard to ask the kids to trace the pencil lines after).
3) Color the image with crayons.
(I make the coloring exciting by singing color songs, really showing different colors with excitement, and talking about what kind things happen behind the window, such as color the window black because people might be sleeping, and color the window yellow because people might be reading books or eating dinner).
4) Painting the sky and grass with watercolor.
*The fun part: I ask them to use white crayon to draw little circle in the sky. I tell them the magic will show once we start to paint the sky with watercolor.

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