Friday, October 1, 2010

Lion in the jungle

Camille's lionMelody's lion
Today I wanted to do something about faces. I thought about self-portrait, but intended to save it for later. We can do so many things with self-portrait. From my experience, we can be frustrated with self-portrait easily because we sometimes want it to be realistic and forget to have fun during the process.

At this stage, I still wanted to build up kids' ability of drawing shapes and lines. When they are confident with them, they will be able to do more things.

We read the book, "Peek-a-Zoo! " together. Then, we practice drawing the lion's head on paper. We are using circle with different sizes, curved lines (I called them rainbow, smily, and bowl lines ), horizontal line and etc.
On the final paper, which is thicker, we added more things on the page.
We then used tempera paint to color our pictures.

*Camille (3.5 yrs) still have hard time to manipulate shapes and lines, but she is very bold to use paints.
*Melody (5 yrs) is able to draw shapes with different sizes and capable of using lines, but she tends to draw things too small. She also have better control over brushes than Camille.

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