Monday, November 29, 2010

Maple Leaves Print

This is a maple tree outside of my apartment and I can see it everyday.
I see how the color changes every now and then and really want to preserve the beauty of it.
Therefore, the art lesson for this week is to print maple leaves from the actual ones.
Kids and I went outside to collect the leaves and we talked about different colors on them.
After we bought them home, I set out the table for them to print.
Because of the budget, we mixed tempera and finger paints on the plates.
I showed them how to get the color on one leaf and and how to print.
Camille has less patience and she wants to print fast. Her images come out vague.
Melody is more careful, but spend too much time on one print. Some prints get too much paint on them.
* Remind the children that getting messy on hands is OK.
* Use bigger sheet of paper gives the children more freedom and more space to make mistakes.
*Collecting leaves

* Set up table and paints, then print

* Final prints
Camilles print ' Melody's print

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