Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Rainny

Camille's Rainy Day
Melody's Rainy day

I heard from people in the bay area that it rains a lot during winter here. This year, people have been telling me that the rain comes earlier than that in the past few years. Many stores are selling rain boots and coats. In Austin, Texas, selling these kind of products is just not common because it does not rain that much.

Therefore, Rainy Day is the subject of our title this week.
1. We look at a umbrella and talk about its structure and shapes.
2. Use pencil to draw a umbrella; then, we draw a person under it with a rain coat and boots.
3. Add background, such as clouds, puddles and rain drops.
4. Use color pencil to color the details.
5. Watercolor to paint areas that kids miss to fill out and background.
6. Use sharpie or black marker to outline important parts.

Camille's process
*Camille did not like the way she drew the rain coat. She thought that it looked like a duck.
She added a duck head on the back of the coat (the person).

*On the background, the raindrop part, Camille added many zigzag lines. She told me that they are rain with power. It is very interesting.

Melody's process

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