Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Art Camp 1: My Childhood Memory

The first day in art camp, I chose Marc Chagall for the class to learn.
I like to target one artist or one artwork because we can be focused and students remember easily.
We learned about his style and how he used imagery from his childhood memory to create dreamlike theme. "I and the Village" is the work that we use for discussion.

1. Introduction of Marc Chagall.
2. Class discussion about the artist.
3. Students share about their childhood memory and personal interests.
4. We drew the horizon line and students added things representing themselves.
5. We turn the paper up side down and added more on the other side.
6. Before using paint, students use crayon to trace over some major lines in their work.
7. Then I demonstrate some watercolor techniques.
8. Students use sharpie to trace over the detailed areas.

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