Sunday, February 20, 2011

Australian Aboriginal Art: Dot Painting

Teacher's example

Sometimes, an interesting story/art book can be a great resource for teaching art.
This week, we were learning about a folk art, called Australian Aboriginal Art.
We read a story from a book, Tjarany Roughtail.
The story is about a crow and a eagle and how they are not friends anymore.
We talked about how the pictures/artworks tells a story, especially using symbols and shapes.
Then we created a story about a snake together.
It was about the princess snake who was trapped.
Camille also added a prince snake in the picture.
We drew snake and symbols together with pencil.
Then we used black markers to trace over the pencil lines.
Last, we painted with tempera and cotton swab.
I also made up a song and sang with them while we were painting.
It went probably like this, "Dot, dot, not a lot; "Kiss, kiss, kiss your paper gently; Gentle, gentle, gentle on your paper...."

Tempera paints+Cotton swab
pencils+sharpie or black markers+crayons
Watercolor (optional)

*Interdisciplinary Lessons:
1. Geography: look at map or globe to find out where Australia is.
2. Society study: Australian indigenous culture.

*MORE ABOUT Indigenous Australian Art

Camille's work in process

Melody's work in process

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