Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ice Cream: in the style of Wayne Thiebaud

This week we painted food, in the style of Wayne Tiebaud ("Tee-bo").

Tiebaud is an American painter and he is famous for painting things that we can see everyday.
We first looked at his paintings, then we talked about Tiebaud's style.
Why did he choose to painting food? Why did he repeat to paint one thing? How did he use colors?
The kids were very excited at sharing because they loved to talk about food.
They wanted to paint ice cream when I asked them to pick one food to paint.
They were eager to learn because they just loved ice cream!
I draw the first ice cream with them and then they added 2 more on the paper.
I showed them how they can mix colors.
Then we painted with tempera paint.
If you were here with us, you probably would hear they say," This ice cream is for me, this one is for mommy and this one is for..."

P.S. Camille had 2 breakthroughs this time.
1. With some reminders, she could paint the the blue background without painting over the ice cream. We had been practicing "Make the brush jumps when we need to."
2. She is very confident of drawing lines on the cone.
*MORE ABOUT Wayne Thiebaud, please go to

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