Thursday, June 30, 2011

Clay Face: Preschool

1. We talk about features on a face and practicing drawing a face.
2. Then we practice using clay to roll, make a ball and etc.
3. Steps I ask them to prepare for this clay face are:

1) Make a small ball (practice purpose) and roll coils in different sizes.
2) Make a bigger ball, (Compress a wad of clay into a ball. Flatten it by palm). Then use marker as a rolling pin to create disc(egg) shape for face.
3) Use stick as a pencil to crave features on the face. (make sure not to cut through!)
4) Add water on the carved lines and place coils on them. (Eyes, nose, lips and hair)
5) Roll a small ball for eye ball and place it on the eye ball areas (apply some pressure).
6) Decorate the hair with a flower.

Crayola Air-Dry Clay, markers (rolling pin), sticks, water.
Crayon+ paper (practice drawing a face)

Information about Air-Dry Clay

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