Friday, June 24, 2011


We use what we have learned from Magritte's False Mirror (especially about eyes) as foundation. Then this week we learned about drawing faces. These kids (4 and 5 years) did their first self-portrait/ face drawings and the outcome really made me believe how much they could learn.


1. Practice drawing head with a proper size on paper. One trick I teach them to use is drawing dots to guide the lines. (Kind of like do-to-dots)

2. Practice drawing eyes, nose, ear, and mouth.

3. After practicing, students drew what they have practiced on watercolor paper.

4. Paint the face with watercolor. (We talked about mixing skin tone, blending colors, creating hair with skinny lines.)

5. Trace pencils lines with sharpies.

6. Add detailed and finished.


1. Pencil, paper, sharpie, watercolor paper

2. Watercolor

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