Monday, February 6, 2012

Aloe Vera Watercolor

I recently bought a plant, aloe vera.
I decided to use it for teaching drawing and watercolor painting.

1. Drawing the aloe vera, the still life object.
     I showed the kids how to hold a pencil loosely.  
     We did a horizontal line first (a good start for them to draw a line loosely).
     Next was the vase, then the plants. 
    (Students practice shading on the vase. it is very new to this 1st grade class)

2.  We used color pencils to color aloe vera first. 
    (I teach them the concept of value, for example, light green to dark green).

3. Next, I asked them to squeeze the paints from the tube.
  (It is also something new to them.) 
4. From what they have learned from coloring with the"color pencils," students knew the value in 
   watercolors. The last step was to use the watercolor to finish this artwork.

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