Monday, July 23, 2012

Eye Project

 This project was to used Model Magic Clay to create an eye or two.
Students had the choice of making any kind of character that would go along with this "eye."
It really took some time for students grasp the idea of making an "eye ball."
1. We first made a white ball and painted iris and pupil.
    They also put a white dot for the reflection of the light.
2. Then we used the tempera paint to blend in with the clay.
3. The colored clay was used to wrap the eye ball with the eye lashes.
4. Body parts: students added the body parts for the eye ball.
5. Final touches with feather, paper clips.
6. Painted with Mod Podge to seal the clay and paint.


  1. These are very cute, I'll be borrowing and adapting this idea for a future clay project. What did yo use for eyelashes?

    1. I used the fake eye lashes. It looked really cool.