Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Moms in the Modigliani Style

In this "Moms in the Modigliani Style" Project, I used two different approaches. I end of liking both of results. 
The first group of students used glue line on black paper and oil pastel to finish the coloring.
The second group of students used oil pastel and watercolor on white paper.
The emphasis is to learn about Modigliani's stylistic way of painting a portrait/person.
It was a unnatural for students to see a person in an elongated way like Modigliani.
I had to get them to appreciate his artwork.

Students had also have the right eye colors and hair style for their moms. 
In addition to that, they also draw a clothes that their mom likes to wear.
I also focused on teaching them how to mix and blend the skin and hair color with different colors.
So they won't look so flat.

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