Monday, September 17, 2012

Tree house

We studied about different trees. 
We decided to use oak tree to build the tree house.
I showed students different tree houses around the world.
They were amazed by so many ideas.
1. We draw the tree trunk (about half way of the 9x12" paper) and then "built" the tree on that trunk. 
2. We then added the horizon line to "put the tree on the ground." Then we added branches and leaves.
3. The last part of drawing was to add more interesting things in the pictures, such as stair case, ladder, or people.

4. We used oil pastel and watercolor to make our drawing colors.
5. Last we added brown glue line for the texture on the tree.

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  1. I imagine your children had a great time drawing these. They are very imaginative. Thanks for posting.