Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Number Book.

[The Number Book]
Please click on this link and enjoy reading this book, digitally!
Two years ago, Kaelyn was at Kindergarten and she sometimes wrote number backwards. Camille and I decided to help her by writing this book. We discussed with her and made the number alive for her, especially with Camille's drawing. We hope this can help some young kids. 1 says, let's go line up!

Number 2 says, let's look front.

Number 3 follows.
Number 4 points at number 5.
                                                                                        Number 5 checks on number 6.

Number 6 and number 7 are chick chatting.

Number 8 tries not to roll!

Number 9 does not like number 10. They are not looking at each other.

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